UI/ UX update & tier update.
  • Redesigned homepage
  • Twitter share button
  • Swap page
  • Sidebar update
  • Token pair slider update
  • Free tier logic update

Redesigned homepage

In order to improve the user experience of the Mercor platform, we have added the top 3 algorithms to the home page with several indicators.
The new home page lay out.

Twitter share button

Under each algorithm, a share button has been added which enables users to share the algorithm page and its profit on their Twitter.
The share algorithm on twitter button

Swap page

The internal Mercor swap page has been created in order to facilitate the swap of both BUSD and BNB to MRCR. The swap itself takes place on the PancakeSwap DEX.
The Mercor swap page
The sidebar has been updated to include some essential pages such as the staking, tier- and swap page. Some design improvements have also been deployed.
The new sidebar

Token pair slider update

For algorithms, the slider that indicates which of the token pair the algorithm currently holds has been updated for easier reading.
The new token pair slider

Free tier logic update

In order to increase the accessibility of the Mercor platform for new users, we have increased the allowed amount to invest for the free tier to 0.3 BNB. As a consequence, the verification of referrals has been increased to a minimum investment of 0.4 BNB.
Last modified 2yr ago