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UI/ UX update
  • Relative currency toggle.
  • Setting for the period of profit.
  • Algorithm "Stopped" and "closed" variable.

Relative currency toggle

The relative toggle on USD (left) and BNB (right) mode.
The relative currency toggle which is found in the header of the investor environment modifies the currency in which all main KPI's are calculated. For example on the 'All algorithm' page, the profit is shown in USD or in BNB based on the setting of the toggle. In the developer environment, all KPI's will remain based on BNB.

Profit period toggle

Example of the period set on a 7 day period.
This setting on the 'All algorithm' page changes the shown P/L values over the selected period. This value will be calculated by fetching the first available datapoint of the selected period and comparing the current value with the historical one. Available filters are 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and, all time.

Algorithm "stopped" and "closed" variable

Example of the setting to close or stop an algorithm
This new update adds two Boolean variables which describe the current state of an algorithm. These variables are "stopped" and "closed". A closed algorithm is not open for public investments but is trading and the developer is able to invest in it. A stopped algorithm is permanently stopped and is not trading anymore.
Example of the three states an algo can be in: stopped, closed and open.