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We have received multiple requests to include an API request which performs both the login as well as the trade in just one request. Currently, this is not implemented in our API in order to offer an extra layer of security for both our developers as well as our investors.
Still, we do want to offer integrations even with platforms that only offer to send a single request such as TradingView, therefore we have created a redirected webhook which currently is being redirected through our application.
This webhook is a single post that requires these essential fields in order to place an order:
  • order_type (buy/sell)
  • algorithm_id (public address)
  • secret (secret key)
The following fields are optional
  • slippage (slippage for trade, default is 0.002 which corresponds to 0.2%)
  • relative_amount (amount to be sold, default is 1 which corresponds to a full buy /sell)
And the URL for this (POST) webhook is:
An example of the usage of this webhook is shown in this document. The body of the request looks as follow:
body = {
"algorithm_id": algorithm_id,
"secret": secret,
"slippage": slippage,
"relative_amount": relative_amount
Please find a tutorial about how to connect your TradingView strategy via webhooks with the Mercor platform below:
For those of you who are able to perform multiple requests per order, we recommend using our API directly, as this offers better security and a better up-time.
However, we implemented this to offer you all more choices and to make your lives easier. We hope this will allow you all to deploy your algorithms efficiently tomorrow.
In case you have any questions or need assistance please let me know!