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The first BIG update of the Mercor platform and its smart contracts has been released! Find information about each new functionality below!
  • Staking tiers
  • Direct trading
  • Challenges
  • Referral system
  • Premium algorithms
  • General fixes and updates

Staking tiers

The Mercor staking tiers have been released and include major changes throughout the platform. The tiers are based on the amount of MRCR staked on the platform. There are different benefits for investors as well as developers based on the tier they are in.
Tiers range from a 'Free' tier all the way to a 'Platinum' tier.

Investor tier structure

Developer tier model

Direct trading

Direct trading enables algorithms to trade directly between tokens that have a liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. This decreases the fees significantly for each trade on non-BNB pairs. Thus pairs such as BUSD/BTC or ETH/BTC will be able to trade directly and not through WBNB. This however is only possible if a LP is available, and therefore only a limited amount of pairs can be traded this way. Still, we have noticed that most algorithms on the Mercor platform so far use pairs that can utilize this feature, and therefore it will become the default option for all algorithms.
If for some reason you still want to trade through WBNB (making all tokens pairs available) you can still do this by disabling the direct trading option at the algo creation page.
Example of the direct trading toggle at algo creation


We have created a new investor profile page including an exciting new feature! You will now find 'Challenges' under your profile. Completing these challenges will grant you MRCR tokens as rewards as well as profile awards and more.

Referral system

A much-requested feature has been added to the Mercor platform, the referral system. From now on you will be able to earn rewards by referring and introducing your friends to Mercor. The referral system registers all referrals, and once a referral has invested more than 0.2 BNB in an algorithm the both of you will receive a 500 MRCR reward.

Premium Algorithms

From now on algorithms can be marked as 'Premium' algorithms. In order for an algorithm to be marked as 'premium' it has to meet the following standards: - Created by a well-known hedge fund or development entity - Proven live trackrecord (1+ year(s)) - Proven backtest results (2+ years) - Proven efficiency in different market conditions - Vetted and approved by the Mercor team Premium algorithms will only be available to Gold and Platinum tier investors. Furthermore, newly released premium algorithms will be deployed according to a IAO (Initial Algorithm Offering), offering Platinum tiers the opportunity to invest followed by the Gold tier.

General fixes and changes


  • Protection against trading of an algorithm before an initial investment. Trading directly after deployment created a high simulated loss due to the high ratio between the fees and the AUM. This has now been fixed.
  • The individual max cap is now shown correctly, which in unique cases paired with slow internet connection would not show correctly.
  • Multiple 100% buy or sell orders will now be reverted by the Trading Contract, saving up gas fees.


  • In our trading API, the show algorithm balance endpoint has changed the response format. For more info go to the API docs.
  • Added the complete trading history of an algorithm to the developer dashboard. Limited the trading history on the investor side of an algorithm to just the successful trades.
  • Added a toggle in the top-10 overview in order to see revenue in either BNB or USD.
  • Added the possibility to change an algorithm name on the developer dashboard.