Mercor Architecture
The Mercor architecture includes three main environments:
  • The developer environment
  • The investor environment
  • Trading app
Aside from aforementioned environments, some other modules will be included in later stages.

Investor environment

The investor environment enables investors to connect to their wallets, stake MRCR tokens, see and compare algorithms, and invest in algorithms (high-volume pairs).
Once an investor invests in an algorithm, there will be two fees involved:
  • Developer fee
  • Transaction fee
The developer fee will be paid in MRCR tokens which will be deducted from the staked pool and will go directly to the developer.
The transaction fee will be a fee that includes the spread of the exchange and a fee that goes to the Mercor platform. This fee will consist of the token pair traded by the algorithm. All tokens gained by Mercor in this way will be used to buy back MRCR tokens and afterwards partially burned.

Developer environment

The developer environment will enable developers to create, train and improve their algorithms. This creation will be done in the Mercor environment. The testing will be done in the backtest environment. All data will be delivered by a secured data storage module, where Mercor collects data from different sources and delivers them to the developer.
Once an algorithm is created, it will be audited by the Mercor security and fraud module. If it has been approved, it will be saved in the algorithm storage.
The algorithm storage will be restricted to only output through signals to the trading app. This will be done in order to protect the algorithms from possible threats.

Trading app

The trading app will perform all trades on the Mercor platform. These trades will be initiated through signals coming from the algorithm storage. These signals will communicate with a blockchain-oracle which calls upon the smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain network. This smart contract will perform the trade on PancakeSwap. The developer and transaction fee will be handled by the smart contract.
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