Mercor Architecture

The Mercor platform includes two main environments:
  • The developer environment
  • The investor environment
Aside from aforementioned environments, some other modules are included.

Investor environment

The investor environment enables investors to connect their wallets, stake MRCR tokens, see and compare algorithms, and invest (stake) in algorithms.
Two fees are used to pay the developer and the Mercor ecosystem.
  • Developer fee
  • AUM fee
The developer fee is automatically deducted from the profit it generates for all stakers. This percentage ranges from 5-30%. Imagine an algorithm with a 10% developer fee, this means that whenever an investor that staked their funds in an algorithm now decides to unstake and withdraw their investment, automatically pays a 10% fee of the profit only. Let's say the investment was 100 BUSD and after two months it is 150 BUSD, upon withdrawal 10% of the 50 BUSD profit, which is 5 BUSD will be transferred to the developers wallet automatically. The investor is left with 145 BUSD, 45 BUSD profit.
The AUM fee is a percentage fee that is only taken from some algorithms. This is a monthly percentage of around 0.1%. This fee is taken from the total AUM in these algorithms and is then transferred to the developers and the Mercor ecosystem.

Developer environment

The developer environment enables developers to deploy algorithmic trading strategies straight to the blockchain in a fully decentralized manner.
Smart contracts are deployed to the Binance Smart Chain, the developer and owner of this smart contract receives an API key and smart contract address. With this information the developer can connect their strategy straight to the smart contract.