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KPIs Overview

P/L since creation
At deployment, an initial investment of 0.05 BNB will be staked in the algorithm automatically. This investment is used as a benchmark in order to calculate the performance of the algorithm since creation.
How does the Mercor platform calculate investors' revenue? Each algorithm on the Mercor platform has a unique smart contract which we call a ‘TradingContract’. These contracts are in fact just smart contracts from which you can stake and withdraw your funds. The big difference between these contracts and regular ‘staking contracts’ is that instead of your absolute investment being registered, the fractions of the pool in the contract are registered. This pool consists of all previous investments from all investors into this algorithm. The 'TradingContract' calculates the value of each investors' total investment by continuously monitoring the investors' total investment percentage (relative to the total pool) of the tokens on the smart contract. Base token
The base token is the first token in the pair whenever you give a buy order you buy the 'pair token'. Whenever you sell the 'pair token' it will be sold for the base token.

Pair token

The 'pair token' is the token that is being bought whenever you give a buy order.