Developer Profile

On the 'Developers Profile', investors find information about the developer.

KPI bar

Awards Total number of awards and corresponding symbols showing previous prizes won by the developer. Total managed equity
The total assets under management in all of the developers' algorithms (in BNB).

Total traders

The total amount of traders that are invested in all algorithms of this developer.
A profile banner is located under the KPI bar. Developers are given the option to tell something about themselves, add their social media and important links as well as upload a profile picture.

Algorithm Card

Lastly, all algorithms of the developer will be presented in an overview under the title 'Algorithms'.
Each card represents an algorithm created by the developer and includes the following details: Name The names of the developer's algorithms. Next to the name, you will find a small tag indicating if you are currently "Invested" in the algorithm. The name is clickable and will bring you to the 'Algorithm Page' of the investor environment.
Developer The name of the developer that created the algorithm. The name is clickable and will bring you to the 'Developer profile'.
Categories All categories that fit the algorithm's strategy, such as Machine Learning or Technical Analysis. The symbols are clickable and will bring you to the respective category on the 'categories' page.
APY (since creation) The annual percentage yield (APY) is the return on investment for one year that the user is expected to receive.
Token Pairs All buy and sell orders of a specific algorithm will be executed between the Trading Pairs.the specific The Trading Pair symbols are clickable. Clicking on any token symbol will lead to search results of algorithms trading with the specific token token.
Bookmark The bookmark functionality allows investors to save algorithms. The bookmark is located in the upper right corner of the Algorithm Card. By clicking on the bookmark of a specific algorithm, the algorithm will be saved. All saved algorithms can be found on the 'Saved Algorithms' page.