How to withdraw your funds
On this page we will guide you how to withdraw your fund from an algorithm on the Mercor platform.

Withdrawing funds

To withdraw your funds, you need to have a current investment showing up. Per algorithm, users are always able to withdraw in BNB or the base token of the algorithm. Press the "Withdraw in ..." button to withdraw your funds including profit.
Please note: you are not able to withdraw part of the funds, when you withdraw your funds, you are withdrawing all funds.
MetaMask will show up to confirm your withdrawal.
Confirm your withdrawal transaction
Press confirm to submit the transaction for your withdrawal.
Once you have done this please wait while the following loading page shows.
Loading while your transaction is waiting for confirmation
Once your transaction has been confirmed the following notification will show up.
Your funds have been withdrawn succesfully
You will now find your funds back in your wallet.
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