Algorithm Page (investor side)

On this page we will guide you how to invest in an existing & live algorithm on the Mercor platform.
In order to access the 'Algorithm Page', you will need to navigate to an algorithm from the 'Top 10' page or the 'Categories' page.
Through the 'Algorithm Page' users get an insight into relevant information about the algorithm and are as well able to invest in an algorithm. If you would like to understand the process of investing in an algorithm, please click here.
Algorithm Page

KPI bar


Base token

Every investor can always invest and withdraw in an algorithm through the base token. In addition, whenever an algorithm executes a 'buy' order, the algorithm buys the base token.
Developer This part showcases the developer that created the algorithm. By clicking on the developer's name, you will be navigated to the 'Developer Profile' page.
Equity Through this block, users can see the total investments in BNB in the algorithm and the maximum total investments in BNB that can be invested in the algorithm.
All-time P/L The profit and loss since the creation of the algorithm.
APY The annual percentage yield (APY) is the return on investment for one year that the user is expected to receive

Real-time Profit an Loss Graph

Real-time Profit and Loss Graph
The Profit and Loss graph is showing the performance since the creation of the algorithm.
In order to zoom into the graphic, click on the period you would like to focus on, hold down your mouse and drag it until the date you would like to zoom into.
To zoom out, press the button in the upper left corner of the graph.

Token distribution

The 'Token Distribution' section displays all the tokens in which the algorithm can invest as well as the current token allocation.


This tab gives developers the possibility to share personal information about their algorithms. As well as specifics are shown about the algorithm itself. 🧑‍💻
In case users are fond of an algorithm, the availability to share the algorithm on Twitter is offered by clicking on the blue Twitter button in the left corner below.

Trade History

This tab of the Trade History shows you all the past trades the algorithm has executed on the decentralized exchange Pancakeswap.

My Deposits & Withdrawals

The tab 'My Withdrawals & Deposits' showcases the time and amount of your investments and withdrawals into this algorithm. But first, you must invest in an algorithm in order to see the tab.