How to invest in a bot

On this page we will guide you how to invest in an existing & live algorithm on the Mercor platform.
To start investing in an algorithm you will need to navigate to an algorithm from the 'Top 10' page or the 'Categories' page.
To start investing, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your wallet is connected to the Mercor platform.
Press "Connect Wallet" in the upper right corner
Once you have connected to the Mercor platform you will see that your wallet address is showing up in the upper right corner, including the amount of $MRCR tokens that you have staked.
Once these details are shown you have successfully connected to the Mercor platform. Now you are able to make an investment. Per algorithm, users are always able to invest in BNB or the base token of the algorithm.
In the following input field the user can select the tokens he wishes to invest in and define its investment amount. Please note that each user is limited to an individual cap which varies depending on the tier of the user.
When you press the "Invest" button, MetaMask will open up to confirm your transaction.
Press the confirm button to complete your investment
Once you have pressed the confirm button, you will have to wait patiently for the transaction to confirm. Do not leave the page as your transaction will fail.
The loader keeps spinning until your transaction has been confirmed
Once your transaction is confirmed, the following notification will show up.
An notification will show once the transaction went through succesfully
Once you have invested successfully, your investment will show under the 'Current Investment' field as shown below.