New Algo

This page allows you to deploy your algorithm as a 'smart contract'.
The New Algo page allows you to create an algorithm and decide upon all relevant details, which we will cover below:

General Info

Base token

The base token is the first token in the pair whenever you give a buy order you buy the 'pair token'. Whenever you sell the 'pair token' it will be sold for the base token. During the beta, it is advantageous to select BNB as your 'base token' as all traders go via BNB. This means that whenever you select another token as 'base token' you will have double transaction fees with every transaction as Pancakeswap will first swap the 'base token' for BNB before swapping it to the 'pair token'.

Pair token

The 'pair token' is the token that is being bought whenever you give a buy order.

Name of algorithm

The name of the algorithm, which is also shown to investors in the 'Investor Environment'.


Your username, which can be set in your 'profile'.

Max total cap

The maximum amount of BNB that is allowed in the algorithm before it is full. This can be set by the developer. The maximum is 1000 BNB.


Select a minimum of one category that best fits your algorithm. Investors can find your algorithm via the 'categories' page.


Here you can write a description of your algorithm, explaining what the algorithm is based on and any other information you would like to disclose.

Checkmarks and deployment

I agree with the terms and conditions

Make sure to go over the terms and conditions, which are available by clicking on the text itself. After reading them and agreeing with them click the box.

Make algorithm directly available for investors

When deploying an algorithm you have the option to immediately show the algorithm on the 'Investor Environment'. If that is the case, please click the box. If you want to deploy it but do not want it to be immediately available to investors do not check the box. You can make the algorithm available later on by accessing the 'Algorithm Page'.

Deploy to the BSC blockchain

When you are ready to deploy your algorithm press the 'Deploy to the BSC blockchain' button. This will open Metamask and ask you to confirm the transaction. All deployments cost 0.1 BNB. This includes a mandatory 0.05 BNB investment from the developer to track its performance before any investment has been done by investors. The remaining 0.05 BNB will be reserved to cover transaction fees.
After confirming the transaction a loading screen will pop up followed by the following confirmation:

Algorithm address

The algorithm address is the Binance Smart Chain contract address which you will need in order to control the algorithm.

Secret token:

The Secret token is the secret API key, this allows you to communicate to our API and to send buy and sell requests. To view our complete API documentation please visit the 'API Documentation' page.

General settings


The cooldown per transaction.

Fee p/tx

The Mercor platform fee during the beta is set at 0.002 BNB per transaction

Dev. Fee

The developer fee is set at 10% of the revenue generated for all investors. After the beta this fee will become variable and developers will be free to select any percentage.


The current version of the platform.