This dashboard is used to give you a direct overview of your algorithms and your earnings.
The Developer dashboard shows you the following aspects:

KPI bar

The KPI bar at the top shows you the following:

Total earnings

The total realized earnings from all your algorithms up until now (in BNB).

Total managed equity

The total assets under management in all your algorithms (in BNB).

Total traders

The total amount of traders that are invested in all of your algorithms.


The total amount of algorithms you have deployed.

My Algorithms Overview

My Algorithms Overview shows you the following aspects:


The names of your algorithms. Next to the name, you will find a small tag indicating if your algorithm is currently "Live" and trading or whether it is currently paused. The name is clickable and will bring you to the 'Algorithm Page'.


The revenue of each individual algorithm shows as a percentage compared to its initial BNB value.


Your realized earnings for each algorithm in BNB. During the beta, your performance commission is set at 10% of the profit generated.


The owner of the algorithm. In the beta, this will always be you. However, after the beta we will allow teams and collaborations between developers. The owner is clickable and will bring you to the developer's 'Profile' page.


The pair in which the algorithm is trading.

Managed Equity

The assets under management of the individual algorithm (indicated in BNB).


The number of traders, that are invested in your algorithm.

Estimated Earnings

The unrealized earnings of each individual algorithm. Estimated earnings are your earnings that would be realized if all the investors would withdraw their funds immediately.

Back Test

Backtesting will be available after the beta.