Algorithm Page (developer side)

The algorithm page allows you to receive some insights into your KPI's as well as modify some settings.

KPI bar


The current status of your algorithm. Is the algorithm currently 'Live' or 'Paused'.

Managed Equity

The total assets under management in this specific algorithm, shown in BNB.


The number of traders that are invested in your algorithm.


The realized earnings that have been withdrawn to the developer's wallet.



The algorithm description that you as a developer have created when the algorithm was deployed.


The categories that you as a developer have selected when the algorithm was deployed.


Press the update button after making changes to the 'Description' or the 'Categories'. Metamask will open and it will ask you to sign, confirming this update comes from the algorithm owner.

Pause algorithm

Pausing the algorithm makes the algorithm unfindable for investors by removing it from all overviews.

Investor page

Clicking this button will direct you to the 'Algorithm Page' on the investor side.

Renew secret key

In case you lost your secret API key, this button allows you to receive a new secret API key.
Last modified 1yr ago